Fear of Loss For Something That Is Free Mentality
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Fear of Loss For Something That Is Free Mentality

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Usually when we have to pay for something we tend to take it more seriously as we don’t want to waste money. It was interesting today in regards to that as I know a person who attended a free class where the instructor was going to leave the country for awhile. Because of that even though he was super tired today he mentioned he still attended as he knows in the next few months there will be no class. That basically implied in a normal circumstance he would have probably skipped the day.

Makes you wonder in many ways if you need to develop a way to get you thinking that even for the stuff that you get for free it could be gone the next day. So as a result you should take advantage of it or treat it as if you were spending a ton of money on it. Often times what happens too is once the free offering is over people tend to then pay money for something else to then take it seriously which is of course odd financially.

The only thing that really helped me for that is the life experience of being in a position of say having no money and then working hard to earn it. In that sense I think it is important for people to work in as many different things as possible because the knowledge and experience you get from that will change your perspective whenever you get free stuff as you tend to value them more. You’d be surprised at how many things we get for free that we simply don’t use as a result of it costing no money.

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