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Father’s Day

So today is father’s day which means most people have either gotten their fathers some kind of gift or had a family gathering of some sort. I guess many also consider these types of occasions as a money grabber as it seems like one of those things that should be a normal everyday thing that shouldn’t require it to be an occasion of some sort to do things.

For these types of occasions though, it seems like just spending time with people tends to be the real gift that most people want. Speaking for myself, I know that just having a gathering makes my parents happy since it is not an everyday thing anymore considering everyone is all over the place in different directions.

We decided to try something new and went to a Japanese steakhouse. It was a first for me and basically we had a chef cook right in-front of us and the person did all sorts of daring things such as flipping dishes after they have placed food on it already. I was able to see one blooper though where in a different table the chef tried to get fancy by tossing a small piece of meat on a person’s dish. Instead, the customer got an up close and personal experience on what it feels like to get hit by a speeding hot piece of meat. He was okay though, so all was well.

Overall it was fun. Till next time I guess.

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