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Fast Food Takeout For Convenience or To Look Fancier For Events

One interesting detail that I heard yesterday was that just before the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight was about to begin a lot of the fast food places were packed. Example, apparently there was a fried chicken restaurant with lineups stretching outside the building. Everyone obviously had the same idea of wanting to takeout food instead of making it for the event.

It made me think financially on how for many takeout food is considered classier than say cooking something yourself. While there are definitely scenarios where people takeout food for events because they want items that they normally don’t have or are trained to prepare, it does make me wonder how many of us have developed a mentality where if you went over to someone’s place for a meal that somehow them cooking the meal is considered “cheap” even if the quality is the same if not better. Therefore, we spend money to impress others.

My personal thoughts is that since simple things like ordering pizza is often associate with events like people’s birthday parties we kind of have a bias that ordering a takeout equals a fancy event. This would sound kind of silly if the event host was like a famed chef huh? Just one of the many things that I feel we need to unlearn when it comes to spending money.

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