Fake Keen Site
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Fake Keen Site

Today I got this advertisement that talked about how this shoe company called Keen was having a massive clearance sale due to a store closure it seemed which was odd as I didn’t really hear anything about it on the news if it was a bankruptcy closure as an example. It’s believable nowadays, but still odd. You know what they say too right? In terms of the prices if it is too good to be true then it probably is.

The first sign was that the site address ended in a “.store” which isn’t typical and the official site still existed. Sure enough, when you look back at the company’s official social account they indicate back in 2019 that people have created these fake stores not just with their brand but with many others as well. So, it was clearly a scam.

It must be working for them to do it of course. But this is to bring awareness for anyone who may actually try and buy anything.

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