Expecting Similar Results Using People That Look The Same

Expecting Similar Results Using People That Look The Same

I actually can’t believe this is a thing. Most people at one point of another quit a job and move on to other things for various reasons. So as a business you need to find a replacement. The funny thing was I saw an example of a person who did well for the company but decided they could make more money elsewhere. So in trying to find a replacement they literally tried to find someone with the exact same characteristics as if that would translate to getting similar results.

I can only imagine the rational explanation would be the person that is doing the hiring has a bias since in their head they are still thinking of the old person. Sure enough, it didn’t end up too well. Actually, I was told this happened when I quit a retail job along time ago where the people who stayed for while mentioned the same thing where it seemed like they tried to find someone that had the same physical characteristics as me.

I think it should be common sense it doesn’t quite work that way as everyone is literally different in terms of personality and skill-set regardless of their physical appearance. But it does happen a lot though for whatever reason during the hiring and recruiting process for many.

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