Expecting Professional Internal Marketers To Have Huge Social Followings

Expecting Professional Internal Marketers To Have Huge Social Followings

This was a fascinating topic I found as I was reading comments from people who worked for very large companies and was responsible for their social media growth and management operations of the business. I would imagine they are doing good to still be employed. But that created an interesting topic where like most people, after work they don’t to do anything related to the stuff they see all the time. So when people look at their personal social media profiles and how it looks pretty empty people assume they must not be very good at their job.

That then expanded to people who were looking to find a new job working in some capacity as a social media manager. Apparently one of the requests for many companies is that they want to see people’s personal social media accounts to evaluate how much of a following they have to determine if they can do a good job. There lies the argument again where for some of these people they don’t care about making themselves known publicly as if they are some kind of influencer but they know how to do the job. So, should companies even be asking or expecting to see these kinds of details for candidates?

It does and doesn’t make sense and I can see both side of the spectrum. For example, if someone is working at a retail job selling sports equipment then basic knowledge of the sport is probably good enough. If you asked candidates to show videos of them playing competitively in an impressive way I think most would wonder why you would do that. I suppose that is the argument here in regards to expecting everyone to have huge social followings.

I can kind of see that being more relevant if you were contracting a company to specifically do your promotions for you. But if it is someone working internally in an office job capacity then that may be less relevant.

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