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Expecting More Compensation On Holidays Mentality

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So it is the Easter holiday here and most people have some kind of a break. If you work a regular 9-5 job and are requested to work then most likely you will need to be paid a premium. On the flip side, you see all these self employed people who pretty much just work every day as normal and if they do get more compensation it will be because people are going out more and spending money during the holidays.

This just made me think of the difference in the way of thinking where on one side you treat it more as an entitlement to get more money and on the other side it is more about an opportunity that you want to take advantage of. I was reading somewhere before that the notion of mandatory holidays too is to make sure that people don’t burn themselves out. Although, I have often usually seen people continue to work during public holidays as the amount they can earn is simply too much for them to pass up.

Is it really necessary to have these types of policies in place? In some ways I would say yes as we all need a break sometimes and this definitely would discourage some businesses from opening up during the holidays as they don’t want to have to pay more for labor. On the other hand, it doesn’t really work as intended I’d say. I usually only expect more with the more old school factors such as supply and demand or if the type of work that you do is demanding on yourself.

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