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Expecting Better Service Over Time For Your Money

Today I was told of a scenario where there was potentially a group of seniors who were frustrated that the property management fee for them would potentially go up as a result of the company informing them that they need more money. At the same time, the residents complain that they usually don’t get problems solved where it’s almost like the management company is not doing its job.

I was then told some of the fees they pay for contractors and in some cases it sounded ridiculous. I was just thinking how in this situation it is highly likely that since the occupants mostly involves seniors that they simply write cheques without thinking too much. Essentially, if your day to day life seems livable then no need to question the bills. This just reminds me how even if you are getting by with whatever services you pay you should still continually compare its price and quality with other providers as well.

Unfortunately, companies don’t usually voluntarily improve like in these cases unless they think that you know you can get a better deal. Always expect better I think where if the company you are paying services for isn’t at least improving or innovating then someone else is. In that case, you would probably get better value and service for your money. I am almost inclined to do a little investigation on this to see how bad it is. Would be an interesting financial story.

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