Exclusive Rights In The Beginning or Not

Exclusive Rights In The Beginning or Not

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I was reading about these two companies that try to acquire independent publishers in an effort to create a large network of content providers to attract companies to do business with them. The interesting thing was the difference in its contract philosophies. Basically, one place seems to require exclusive rights whereas the other one you can pretty much join them and go whenever you wish while being more flexible with what one publishes. You’d think one or the other would be the more clear favor in terms of attracting businesses with them, but surprisingly both of them have about the same amount of partners.

I guess to me it should usually come down to who you think will offer you the most for what you need as in the beginning you can’t really be too demanding. It should be more on who you think can help you grow at your early stage as opposed to focusing so much in having all the perks and thrills of people who have already made it, so to speak. Kind of reminds me of like that Dragon’s Den show where many times it’s not so much how much money that people are getting that is the sway decision maker as opposed to the experience and support that one would get as a result of working with them. Of course, there is a limit where you don’t want to end up doing all the work while getting nothing in return.

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