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Ever Wondering If Companies Create The Crime For More Business

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Today I was reading a bunch of news in relation to that Mirai malware that took place last year which pretty much shutdown a ton of sites on the Internet. As the court concluded the original creators of the code pleaded guilty it seems but it was interesting learning the backstory on how it was created. Apparently the creators were running a Minecraft server and was making a lot of money doing so. Because there was competition apparently they made this program that would essentially perform a DDoS attack in an effort to shut the others down. From what I read too this same company sold services to protect people from such threats.

That just made me think how dirty companies can often get when it comes to trying to dominate the market or at the same time selling you solutions for problems that they create. Does that ever cross your mind when you are getting protection types of service from a company as an example? I know for myself it just doesn’t sound too surprising that a business would do that. Like something straight out of a movie.

I usually am a little curious though if it seems like one company is so dominant in a specific way as many times they can be doing something unscrupulous.

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