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Even Showing Empty Stuff Can Make People Money

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You would think for something like a theatre that in order to generate any kind of traffic or income you would have to put on a show of some sorts to justify charging people money. That’s why this surprised me as there is a place known as the Orpheum theatre here in Vancouver where they were selling tickets for self-guided tours for about $12. To my understanding you would literally just be walking around the theatre to see what it is like while taking some photos here and there.

If you think about it you could technically do the same thing in terms of visiting it while going to an actual show for the price of a ticket. But even for myself the idea of visiting it when there is almost no one there is kind of intriguing. It made me think about how when it comes to a business of some sort and charging people money for it sometimes even nothing can be something.

Kind of funny how simple and straight forward that is huh? Maybe at times we are over thinking what people want to see or do where they are willing to pay money for it.

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