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Entertaining or Ignoring Racial Profiling Suspicion When You Are Shopping A No Frills Experience

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Today something interesting a happened as I visited the grocery store which hasn’t happened to me before. As usually I often visit a ton of grocery stores to see what the deals are where many times I often don’t get anything as the deals aren’t good enough. Today as I went into a No Frills this particular store had that annoying layout where there actually aren’t any exit aisles as you literally have to go through when there is an open checkout lane to do so.

This can get weird if people are taking up a ton of space where I often don’t want to get in the way while attempting to seek out any less congested lane. Unfortunately there wasn’t and so I just tried to apologize as I asked people to open some space for me to get through. They did and the funny thing was as I got through the cashier then addresses me with a funny look and asks me if I bought anything.

I said I didn’t as I was just going through as there is no other way to do so. But then she persists by asking me again in an awkward way questioning if I bought anything. That’s when it quickly connected with me on what she was really asking. I guess according to her she thought I looked like someone that was shoplifting.

After I realized this I was seriously debating if I should have just told her to grab her manager or something because of whatever stereotype she had in her mind that a person like me looked like say someone who was shoplifting. But instead I actually just said in a polite way that she was free to check my bag and all. Afterwards she seemed like she was a little embarrassed and told me no that’s okay.

Do you ever entertain these kinds of accusations if a business accuses you of something or would you just let it be? Funny enough I think the stereotypes for Asians is not usually that they will steal from the store but rather they will try and bargain everything until they get it for free.

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