Emergency Phone Hardware Replacement or Repair Budget
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Emergency Phone Hardware Replacement or Repair Budget

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My smartphone is pretty much reaching to the end of its life as I am still using a Samsung Galaxy S7 which is virtually four years old. I recently decided to get the battery replaced to try and prolong it more where the shop didn’t do too good of a job. Today it was raining pretty hard and while the phone is supposed to be water proof I am thinking the battery replacement caused the seal to not be truly tight anymore and maybe something goy got damaged as the side buttons seem to be a bit stuck. As well there seems to be an issue with the pedometer.

So I immediately started to look for options as a replacement. I then read how literally today there was an announcement of a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE which seemed to be a decent price for a modern day phone. But the issue is it doesn’t go on pre-order until October 1st apparently with the release date being October 16th. So that is a long way off. Now the question is would I want to bring it into a shop and potentially pay say $200 to repair whatever it is that is wrong with it?

Funny enough, for hoarders who constantly buy a ton of things they never use is probably okay during these times as they probably have dozens of phones just sitting around. But for the very frugal who only tries and buys what they need at the time it can make the situation an expensive one as you try and find a solution right now. The phone is technically still usable, but it doesn’t seem stable.

What would you do in this case to try and save money while procrastinating a purchase until the most ideal purchase becomes available?

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