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Embarrassing Yourself As Motivation

This sure made me wonder how productive this was. I was hearing that the way one person keeps himself accountable when it comes to things like his finances is that he lets everyone knows about the dumb decisions that he makes such as over spending on various impulse purchases. He mentions that this way it semi encourages him to avoid decisions like that as he doesn’t want to frowned upon by everyone.

I guess in some ways it would work in the sense that you are being honest about the things that your doing and therefore are more open to change. I guess the biggest issue would be if you are one to say you are the way you are then I don’t think telling people will make much difference as many times in those cases people are simply looking for sympathy which would feed their old habits. Although, I must say in general it’s better to let people know I suppose as you never know who may be reading it and could offer assistance afterwards as I know finances are usually one of those things people are reluctant to talk about unless they are like millionaires.

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