Electric Vehicles And Money
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Electric Vehicles And Money

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Recently a person was telling me that she was interested in buying a smart car since it is compact which makes it easier to drive. It seems too that recently there are models that operate fully on electricity. That then brought up a discussion on how that must be a good way to save money as you wouldn’t have to pay for gas.

Looking at the price though, it doesn’t seem like much has changed when it comes to these types of vehicles in the sense that it is so expensive that most likely you will never make up the savings in comparison to if you just bought a gas powered car. It almost reminds me of certain software products where you are inclined to just skip a particular generation of products since it is so expensive until they come out with something better.

I still say if you are truly looking to save money that you just have to learn to use things like public transit and simply walking more.

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