Easier To Not Advocate For Anything With Business

Easier To Not Advocate For Anything With Business

This got me thinking today as I was reading how a person was so frustrated as business wise people seem to be keeping a distance from him in many cases due to how vocal he is on certain issues. Many of them are fundamentally okay such as standing up for the rights of others. But because of that it appears that a lot of people don’t want to associate with him too much for the fear that it would alienate a group of people who disagree with that view.

The most common example would be politics where many who are vocal about their political leanings would usually result in only people who follow the same beliefs in wanting to associate with them. Now imagine someone who just focuses in offering a product and service without ever expressing personal beliefs. Odds are they will attract both sides who will then only judge them for what they offer.

It’s odd to think about as we are all usually taught to stand up for things you believe in and to say something against actions that are wrong. In reality, it definitely does create division to the point where people won’t judge your work or services on that alone. Would that be an important decision to make early on in deciding whether you want to be vocal or not about topics that may divide your userbase?

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