Earning Money And Taking Small Opportunities When You Don’t Need Them

Earning Money And Taking Small Opportunities When You Don’t Need Them

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I saw an interesting scenario today where there was a person who decided to sell a bunch of his collectibles as his work dried up where in previous months he was working nonstop. What makes this interesting is that in the months before he was turning down a lot of opportunities that he could still technically do on top of his current endeavors. However, he specifically mentioned that he turned everyone down because their opportunities just seemed cheap and small compared to what he was currently doing. That burnt a few bridges with people of course where oddly enough he would welcome them now.

It kind of makes me think how many times when you are in a fortunate position of sort that you shouldn’t forget to work with others if you can even if it may seem less fruitful as the sole reason not to. Having like a lack of time is one thing, but approaching it as if others are beneath you won’t hold too well for times like these when you find yourself back at that level for whatever reason.

I always find too that doing smaller things can often teach you a lot in terms of what may be new as you may be too accustomed to only doing things within your routine. It’s almost like taking time to educate yourself except for this class you are being paid to do it. Like many times it’s about perspective to get the most out of the opportunities that are presented to you.

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