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Early Olympics Clearance Sales

Now that the Olympics is almost over virtually every store that sells Olympic related merchandise is trying to clear its inventory it seems. Everything from 80% off offers to some buy one get one free sort of deals. This is just like shopping after some kind of special occasion like Christmas or Halloween as everyone wants to get rid of their excess inventory.

I’m surprised for this that they didn’t try to hold it off until later since most tourists are probably still around and would be unpleasantly surprised when they see how much the items have dropped in prices. A lot clothing and general merchandise related stores usually don’t have a very flexible price protection policies either. I can’t remember the last time when I visited a different country where I would actively look for the lowest process too.

I suppose one that that people do is to just tell local friends and family members the type of gifts and souvenirs that they would like to buy and then one day they will help them buy it. So if there are better deals then the people who actually live in the area can return it. Can’t believe it is almost all over so fast too.

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