Eager To Finish The Job For Your Clients

Eager To Finish The Job For Your Clients

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With the end of the year wrapping up one thing that hasn’t changed is that around this time I often like to make sure that any work requests that were created this year gets wrapped up this year as well if possible. Often times there are those projects where people want something created but have no real deadline. Therefore it often takes a while in terms of communication to get things going as the client is in no rush to finish.

With that in mind I recently have this one project where the person is some big ambitions for 2021 in terms of starting a company and requires help setting up a web presence. The process seemed familiar where most people aren’t 100% sure what they want but provide plenty of examples to give you a great idea on what to create.

While I find myself waiting for communication to take the next step, I almost feel like I know exactly what they will love to the point that I am actually creating prototypes already as I am treating it as if it is my personal business that I would love to have ready to run by the new year. There are chances they will love it which means the job would be done.

You probably shouldn’t ever do this if you are an employee working for a company on an hourly rate as the boss probably wouldn’t be too fond of you taking time off from other people’s projects in that way. But in this case I am almost treating it just like my personal hobby time as a test to see if I truly understand what the client wants.

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