Driver’s License ID With Apple Wallet Functions

Driver’s License ID With Apple Wallet Functions

I thought this was kind of interesting as apparently in one state in the US they will be enabling people to essentially have their driver’s licence and state ID integrated within various Apple devices such as an iPhone. That means no need to carry separate cards which sounds more practical I guess you can say. I actually wonder though if businesses would be able to adapt to this tech wise as I would imagine you would have to potentially change some resources to process everything.

It reminds me how when I signed up for the points program at m supermarket you had the option to get your card ID with a traditional plastic card or you could opt to just have a digital number in which you would have to scan your phone whenever you wanted to register purchases for points. I actually chose the digital option even though in my mind the physical card would be safer overall. For example, if my phone ran out of power then I wouldn’t have access to the card.

That’s what made me wonder here. If this ID is purely digital, what would happen if someone got say pulled over by the police while driving and now their phone has no power? Or what if someone unfortunately download a virus where the phone is say non functional? You could say easy fix such as someone just plugging the phone into an external power charger, but it does show ho there are often so many variables to consider before you can truly switch to another solution.

The one example that always comes t mind is how there was a local story before of people successfully getting a bus to run on vegetable oil with great success all summer. So time to switch then right? Unfortunately, when winter came all that vegetable oil turned solid which meant the bus had no energy to power it. I wonder if these types of unexpected challenged will come up with this.

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