Doing Things The Harder Way To Save Money or Not
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Doing Things The Harder Way To Save Money or Not

For a lot of laptops nowadays they don’t usually come with a mouse since they have pads that you can use with your finger to navigate. However, there are a lot of people who still prefer to use a mouse as it can be quicker to precisely move the cursor to where you want. So because it doesn’t come with one there was one frugal individual who got a laptop on sale and didn’t really want to spend another $10 or so to the point where even though he found the pad more difficult to use he really wanted to save money.

I was thinking in these cases it should be okay and may be wise to simply spend the extra money in an effort to make life a lot easier for you. It’s not like you are spending an extra ten dollars to simply get a sticker for your laptop or something that is extremely non-essential. It’s just not worth it I think to make life more difficult for yourself when there are more productive ways to do it. Money should be a way to help you save time as well while making your life better.

That’s important to remember as well. Otherwise we would essentially be saving for the sake of saving. Unless it is a situation where the easier way means you will consistently lose money just to save a little extra time then that is different. But especially for small one time investments like these that can save you so much time and stress in the long run I think it’s a good investment for yourself.

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