Doing Stupid or Embarrassing Stuff For A Lot of Money
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Doing Stupid or Embarrassing Stuff For A Lot of Money

I am not sure why so many media outlets recently have been asking people this question which was “Would you run naked in a mall for 3 minutes for just 70 million dollars?” From what I gather the common answer was a definite yes for virtually everyone with many saying they would do it for only a million dollars or say a free meal would do.

So if someone literally did give you that offer would you even think twice? Imagine it in three different scenarios where the first one would be you are extremely poor. The other would be you are just an average worker where you get by comfortably and the last one is you are extremely wealthy already. Would you say yes or no in these circumstances?

I know the drawback is supposed to be the embarrassment per se that one would endure considering running naked in a public place is frowned upon. But for that amount of money I can’t imagine many people who wouldn’t do it considering you aren’t really hurting anyone. In some countries seeing naked people in ads are actually normal. But would you or would you not?

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