Doing A Cheap Job If It Is An Easy Part of Your Lifestyle

Doing A Cheap Job If It Is An Easy Part of Your Lifestyle

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Recently hear there have been this food scrap program where when it comes to food you now have to separate all the food waste from other forms of garbage. Funny enough, as a result people actually want junk mail and such so they can use like the newspapers to wrap the food in. This helps them to save money as opposed to buying those waste bags. In my area we stopped getting the newspapers as apparently the company doesn’t have a carrier/paperboy for my area anymore. That got me curious to search how difficult it would be as I could technically do it as like a morning exercise.

I was then reading so many comments on how people say it is not worth it financially as you have to spend your own time putting in flyers into a newspaper and all. At the same time, reading like it is a quarter per delivery. In some cases though I read that a person only had to deliver the papers to like two blocks worth of houses. To me that would sound super easy and it’s almost like getting a morning run except you are getting paid for it. Would you ever consider doing stuff like this even if the money was horrible?

I think for me it comes down to if it is something I can easily do as party of a lifestyle habit then why not? In many ways I am almost doing the same thing I would have done except someone is paying me for it. Example, if you were to drive your way to work where literally on the way someone was paying you two dollars to drop off a small package then why not? Sure the other person is saving a ton and you don’t really get that much but it’s not like it is creating too much of a hassle for you.

Sometimes it’s just about taking advantage of the opportunities that are around you as opposed to always focusing on the dollar amount.

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