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Does Reading Bad News Make You Rethink About Money

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There didn’t seem to be anyway around this news today as pretty much every social media source had the story about the James Foley beheading incident. One of the things I was thinking about after reading about it was how it sure made me think if anything I do in life contributes financially to people who would do such a thing. This can range from buying products that are in anyway affiliated with the group. Sometimes it’s not so clear as well since we usually buy things from the supermarket without even wondering where it came from.

Like in these cases, these would be one of those times where I would be willing to not be frugal and spend more if it meant not supporting something outrageous. In many ways too, finding good deals and knowing exactly where the product is coming from go hand to hand. Not only is it a good way to inform you about the value of the product, but at the same time you would know what you are supporting. Being a bargain shopper and wanting the best value isn’t always just about the final bill.

Reading news like this definitely makes me think about the places I shop at just in case I am missing something.

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