Does Hearing About Death Make You Spend Money On Items
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Does Hearing About Death Make You Spend Money On Items

So with all that talk about how the heat wave has created a huge demand for air conditioners there was a lot of news today how apparently in the province there have been quite a few people who literally died because of the heat. It seemed like it was mostly elderly people who live in places that don’t have air conditioners or drank enough liquids to compensate for the heat.

So if you were one of those people who were holding off in buying equipment to go through the heat do stories like these actually convince you to take the plunge? From my experience I think the hardcore savers still wouldn’t spend money as they are still doing everything else to stay healthy versus the situation simply making them uncomfortable. But a lot of people would take the plunge afterwards I would imagine.

I know for myself I would usually still analyze the situation based on my own circumstances regardless of what the topic is. Otherwise it can be too easy to buy anything and everything based on fear.

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