Documenting People That Try And Threaten You To Cover Up Their Business Errors

Documenting People That Try And Threaten You To Cover Up Their Business Errors

Imagine a scenario where a business contracted an individual to do some digital work where everything was complete to satisfaction, the invoice was paid and both parties were now off to their own way. On to the next project right? Now imagine one day the business completely lost or destroyed the work. So unfortunately that would usually mean they have to hire someone to do it again. However, they figured they would ask if the original contractor still has a copy.

Now once asked the original contractor fortunately does have a copy. But because it would require additional work they simply wanted clarification on what happened and what the company was using it for. Because it is a little odd to come back say over a month later and ask for material where the project should have been done already correct?

Here is the funny part. The company wouldn’t answer that. Instead they started to be demanding where if the contractor didn’t give them the files they would threaten to leave bad reviews about them everywhere while trying to intimidate the person on how they will tell everyone in their social circle about how horrible they are.

My first thought was they must have something to hide. As well, threatening people in these ways when the contractor didn’t do anything wrong? I can only imagine the massive defamation case that could arise out of that if they actually followed through. It seems so childish in many ways where it’s the business who made a mistake and doesn’t want to admit it for fear it would make them look bad per se. Don’t people realize that kind of strategy doesn’t really work in the information age where people can easily verify facts?

But it goes to show the importance of keeping detailed documentation of your business dealings with people where it’s not uncommon that there are people who will attempt to try and take someone else down to cover up their own mistakes. Having all the documentation will be your savior should the situation ever arise.

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