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Do Ugly Fruits Matter For Juicing And Baking

I stopped by a place grocery store today and noticed it had a small section with bags of fruits for only 99 cents. I personally saw ones with like five pieces of lime and like six apples. No bad price wise. Of course, the catch is that these fruits are “ugly” where the outside imperfections causes most people to pass on it without some form of heavy discount. It made me wonder though, do these small imperfections matter if I was doing something such as raw juicing the product?

I know there are some farmers that do this with ugly fruits such as apples where they take all of that product and simply make apple cider out of it. At the same time, if you were baking an apple pie for example would the minor imperfections matter much once everything is prepared? I am inclined to say most people wouldn’t care as long as the product is perfectly edible and tastes good.

I have yet to see an ugly fruit in the supermarket where it is so bad that you can see fungus growing out of it as an example. If anything, it’s usually a great way to save a ton of money I find especially if you are into things like juicing or blending as they all look the same once you finish making the end product.

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