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Discount Prices As Your Regular Price

I was keeping track of this company’s pricing in regards to its service offerings and one thing that I noticed was that every single package that they offered mentioned that the price was discounted. So of course it’s like seeing an on sale sign at the mall. The funny thing was every month they display the exact same prices where ultimately that discounted price is their regular price. Not surprisingly, many other company’s regular prices are the same as their discounted ones.

What’s interesting is that they apparently still get a lot of sales over the competitors this way when it comes to the first time buyers. From what I read, just the fact that they displayed the sale sign made people assume it was a deal and that the business was going above and beyond to reduce the prices. Therefore, it made people trust them more. Kind of sneaky in many ways huh?

I thought techniques like these wouldn’t work as well these days considering at a click of a mouse you can pretty much get price comparisons for almost everything from various companies at once. At that point it will be more of a negative if people see that a company’s discounted/sale prices are the same as other people’s regular prices.

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