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The Disbelief Of How Much Your Dollar Can Go

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Today is boxing day and for the most part I didn’t end up buying anything in particular because of the event as opposed to just stuff I was going to buy anyways. But seeing all the crowds made me think of what happened yesterday during a family Christmas party get together. We were playing this gift exchange game where everyone had to find a gift that was under $10. All the gifts would then be placed in the middle as each person randomly picks up a gift.

Most people had the common items you would expect for under ten dollars such as candy and cups. I knew mines would shock everyone as I was actually able to find a toaster oven for ten dollars. The disbelief was very fun as everyone thought it must be one of those box pranks at first. In many ways I thought this was a good example on how if you are never used to seeing things like that for under ten dollars per se then how would you ever even think about getting things like that in the first place?

I feel that’s why everyone once and awhile people should watch things thing shock them financially in terms of what people can do with very little money. You may not always find the deals that you want to stretch your dollar but it gives you an important perspective on the variety of things you can buy. Always good entertainment to see people’s reactions too.

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