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Destination Wedding

I was told of a couple recently who seem to have decided to get married in a different country. The motivation for it was purely for financial reasons as apparently in their minds they will save a lot of money this way. Many would classify this as a destination wedding. I was trying to wrap my head around this on how having a wedding in a different country can possibly be cheaper as you would have to now factor in all of the travel and accommodations.

The interesting thing was when I was reading various literature about this as many people were using points such as it is cheaper because you will have less people. Like that I would wonder couldn’t you limit the amount of guests in your wedding locally? At the same time it seemed like most of the cost cutting efforts was focused primarily on the couples themselves without factoring the extra expense that the guests would have to pay for travel. Granted it is the couple’s special day, but this is one of those financial decisions that doesn’t seem to be a definite way to save money in the bigger picture. It feels like you are simply sacrificing certain things to maintain a budget which I would imagine you could do locally.

It’s a little different if you wanted to have it specifically at a certain place. In that case though it isn’t so much about budget but rather the experience. I guess that begs the questions too where when you have a wedding would you ever consider your guest’s expenses in attending it? Is it ever a factor in your budgeting process?

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