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Deleting Your Old Company Communications Or Not

Everyone else read all these stories about the company Sony recently and how a group of hackers have comprised its system? This resulted in extremely sensitive documents such as e-mails that show unethical behavior to personal health details of its employees. That got me thinking, as a business do you simply wipe out all the communication data after a certain amount of time or do you store them indefinitely?

I heard people from both sides of the fence with this and quite honestly there are so much pros and con to both. For example, it would make sense in some ways where you would simply delete old materials for the sake of space and that it won’t go into the wrong hands like this. However, at the same time in doing so you could be hurting yourself if something ever needs to be investigated. Example, I remember one time in my life there was this guy who was an independent contractor and he tried to claim to others that he was putting in a 40 to 55 hour a week effort in his work when in reality he did virtually nothing many times. Without old communication and records it would be difficult to show.

It’s almost like business wise by default you pretty much have to keep everything and spend a lot of time and money in finding ways to secure it. I guess it pays to try and keep everything clean so to speak as anything you put out there you should be comfortable in standing by it, so to speak. In those cases it pays to be the “good guy” in business even though they say many times it’s the “bad guys” that get ahead.

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