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Debt Free And Luck

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This was kind of silly I thought. I was reading about a person’s comment on similar traits that people have who are debt free. And one of the points the person said was that luck plays a factor. Basically, factors such as you never experiencing a major disaster or health crisis that causes financial burden or say you won the lottery.

In my opinion debt is something that is fully controllable as you get it for the most part as a result of your purchasing habits. It’s kind of scary that some people say it is luck base though as I would think that means the mentality is that if you are in debt it is always someone else’s fault and never yours. That would stop you from really taking control of your finances.

If anything is luck based I would say maybe to a certain extent the amount of money you make such as if you did win the lottery for example. But plain budgeting and not spending more than you make is something that just takes discipline and planning.

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