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Deals That Make You Feel Silly For Not Knowing About

kids buffet uncle willy's price BC

Recently my parents asked me to go with them to this buffet place called Uncle Willy’s that they used to take me to a lot as a kid. None of us has been there in years and so we thought this would be a fun trip to see if anything has changed. While for the most part everything seemed similar the thing that caught my attention was the price of the buffet for kids. As you can see, the price for kids ranging from one to ten is ninety-nine cents.

This place is around a mall too where there are a ton of fast food places. To think if you were a parent in the mall and your child wants like ice cream or a drink it would usually cost way more than ninety-nine cent. At this place you could get all that for that price. While the deal isn’t applicable for myself, this is one of those scenarios where I would feel really silly about not knowing before. Example, if I was a kid spending one dollar to get a drink all the time from a store that is like one block away I’d probably learn very fast about the value of money once I saw this deal.

Sometimes that’s what it takes too to put you on the path of being good in managing your money. Because like here once you know the deal exist you tend to try and judge things better based on the value and your current needs. It’s almost like “failing” in your bargain hunting ability in a really bad way where this “failure” will make you a lot better and wiser. My parents actually couldn’t remember if that was always the normal price for kids too. It would kind of make sense why they brought me there all the time too.

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