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Customary Expenses If You Are Tight Financially

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So today I was told of a situation where a person decided to get married to a lady he has been with for awhile. Now apparently in that culture it is customary for the groom to buy the bride’s parent’s a home. And yes, they seemed insistent in that happening. He isn’t exactly super rich either. Makes me wonder, if you were in that situation would you still go through with it even though it would mean putting yourself in an uncomfortable position financially?

This kind of thing seems so off the wall to me as it feels more like a business arrangement. I don’t know if I could ever enforce that on a person solely because it is a customary thing to do. For example, if a couple can’t afford a wedding with all the bells and whistles it makes me wonder if it is worth it to put yourself in debt for it as opposed to doing what works for your situation.

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