Crushing Competition With Laws Versus Protecting Consumers

Crushing Competition With Laws Versus Protecting Consumers

There have been quite a few news reports recently of widespread money laundering issues here in the province where the method of choice for many appears to be buying real estate as a way for people to shield their investments from funds obtained through illegitimate means. That’s a bad thing of course where usually right after people begin to think of laws to propose in an effort to stop such activities.

This is what got me thinking where I was reading some articles that mentioned how real estate agents were advocating for stronger laws to prevent these kinds of things from happening. One proposal as that the province should essentially try and get rid for sale by owners types of businesses as the claim is a lot of illegal activities are conducted this way where the buyers bypass the real estate agents who would have to normally process everything legally with thorough checks.

That got me thinking on whether or not the motivation for that proposal was to in fact protect say consumers or act as a catalyst to eliminate the ability for people to not use a real estate agent as an example. It would be a good thing to get rid of illegal activities like these that end up hurting the average individual, but I can imagine how skeptical many would be in these kinds of scenarios huh?

Imagine retail businesses all of as sudden advocating that peer to peer selling sites should be banned to protect people from buying fake products where only traditional stores should be able to sell anything as an example. I think most people would immediately be skeptical as to the motivation for proposing such a request huh? Even though it may have some merit.

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