Cross Border Shopping

Cross Border Shopping

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The Canadian dollar still seems to be a hot topic here and it looks like people are simply flocking south of the border to take advantage of it. For myself, the benefit I have seen is that I use certain vendors that are US based for particular services and now that the dollar is on an even scale the overall cost is less.

One thing that I have always wondered about though are people who travel south to fill up their gas tanks as it is suppose to be a lot cheaper. I personally question if you are truly saving that much money with you having to actually drive all the way down there and back which eats up fuel. On top of that, having to line up at the border crossing probably eats up a lot of gas as well.

Normally from what I have seen, items are usually about 10% – 15% more expensive here and that is not including the tax. Some people say even after paying duty charges on the product it still ends up being less than trying to purchase the item here. Too bad shipping charges are still pretty high for people who are thinking of simply purchasing them from a US online store.

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  • hank 10/13/2007

    When I first moved to my current locale, my friend told me which gas stations were the best to hit up, but criminy, if it is 10 miles to that station, am I really saving $? It really is strange to see the Canadian dollar climbing against US, more so, maybe the US dropping against Canada… 🙂

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