Creating A Community For Your Supporters

Creating A Community For Your Supporters

There was an interesting debate today between two people where one was saying nowadays you should always try to establish some kind of platform for your business to develop a sense of community amongst your customers. One person was saying that this was more for entertainment types of business such as noticeable public figures who are well known and so for a lot of businesses the time investment for it isn`t worth it as people don`t cheer for most businesses.

I think this comes down more to what one`s perception of say a community or fan base is nowadays compared to a more old school way of thinking. For example, I know for a lot of people some consider even a simple site visitor as a fan and nowadays almost everyone can easily create some kind of page on various sites as a way to emphasize how many supporters they have. As well, funny enough I notice people are often looking for ways to promote say their favorite businesses and are disappointed if companies don’t have something official that people can use to promote them.

Either way, it can’t hurt to have some kind of platform to enable you to engage with your customers more.

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