Creating A Business For Yourself or Others Mindset

Creating A Business For Yourself or Others Mindset

Reading all that news about US Gymnastic athlete Simone Biles quitting on her team during the Olympics brought up a lot of topics on whether or not one should be doing it for themselves or for others. To my understanding her official statement was that she wasn’t really having fun anymore per se and that she was doing it for other people. So as a result she quit. That brought up a lot of heated arguments how the whole point of being on that stage is to represent your country.

So how about if we thought of that from a business point of view? Imagine you started a business like a restaurant. Over the years you experienced great success and received constant opportunities to represent your town on a global stage. Then one day you just decided you didn’t like the restaurant business anymore and just closed it down abruptly even though people were expecting you to represent the town as you said you would. I guess first off would that be okay in your mind?

As well, in creating the restaurant would your view be more that you created the business because you wanted to make a decent living where serving people is a necessity to achieving that goal? Or do you enter it with the mindset that you are there to serve people and getting money out of it is so you can continue doing so while taking care of yourself? Completely different mindsets.

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