Crazy Grocery Prices A Few Days Apart
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Crazy Grocery Prices A Few Days Apart

Imagine my surprise recently when I walked through the supermarket to do my usual price scouting and I figured I would see if there were any good deals for carrots. It was shocking to see that this two pound bag of baby carrots was listed for $6.49. Not only is that expensive as the price for these are usually under six dollars, but a few days ago these exact same carrots were on sale for $1.98. That makes this even more incredible as you have to wonder if something happened with the supply of carrots or did the company just want to make more money?

First this shows how you always need to do your price comparisons to become knowledgeable on what the best deals should be before you stock up. I can imagine in these cases of people going with the current trend of taking pictures of their grocery bill and showing how little they got for their hard earned money. While granted things are getting more expensive in a lot of cases, we all need to be savvy shoppers and not just pay extremely high prices like this knowing how low it can get.

The other factor is how I can imagine many people just grabbing a bag of carrots because they need it. I know you can usually get five pounds of unpeeled carrots at a non sale price of under $5. If I really needed carrots I would have got that or just try and find another item that is actually on sale. You have to shop this way if you are on a budget or simply trying to save as much money as possible. Otherwise, you will constantly wonder where all your money went.

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