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Competing With Home Made Products

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Recently I have been talking to a person that wanted to create his own show using various online video sharing mediums such as Youtube. As you know, there are a lot of individuals who have successfully created a livable income stream by creating a series of sort or just being a person that offers professional and insightful information.

As a result he was trying to do some research about the people who have already made it. His response to me was that he was so shocked at how the production quality all looked like something that people just made out of their homes and with regular consumer end products. Ultimately, he just said that this demonstrated how it mostly comes down to having the right idea.

There is no reason why you can’t compete on an equal level playing field to people with deeper pockets in this scenario I’d say. Like with these the first reaction wouldn’t be “I am not going to give them any attention unless they spent a million dollars making this.” It’s more about just getting off the couch and starting to do something.

I guess for this the most important tool would be a camcorder and nowadays most consumer end products can be just as good as professional equipment for what you would need it for. You just can’t get too caught up in reading how people create things in the more traditional sense as you can end up psyching yourself out into believing that you need more when you really don’t.

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