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Companies Pulling Advertisements Out of Youtube And The Ones Who Will Capitalize On It

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I am sure many people have heard the news where there are a ton of companies pulling out their ads from YouTube and Google in general as a form of a protest where the companies believe that their ads are being served on content that is considered offensive. For example, content that focuses on hate crime or other illegal items. Apparently Google is expected to lose $750 million as a result of this where the company seems to be in a hard position of not knowing what to do.

Now what interested me most business wise about all this as if you may remember awhile back I was talking about how I was reading articles and such where a lot of companies made it big by simply taking advantage of a very bad recession time and such even though most people would tell them to pack their bags and leave like everyone else. Now in this case there are still companies staying as advertisers and such.

It made me so curious in wondering how those companies will prosper because of this if you think about it. In one sense there should be way less competition for them now where as a result their ad rates are probably lower. At the same time they can probably partner up with people a lot easier as a well because of all this. Will be interesting to see how the smaller companies take advantage of this to grow rapidly or if the business community pressure will stifle them from doing do.

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