Closing Business Due To Weather Warnings or Not

Closing Business Due To Weather Warnings or Not

There has been some crazy weather around here lately with a ton snow making commuting difficult for many. Forecasts indicate it may get worst and it was interesting to see the contrast where some businesses are immediately closing the next day versus others are going with business as usual until they see on the day that the weather is truly that bad.

I actually don’t remember one job I have had where they just told me to stay home due to bad weather funny enough. The last time I remember that happening was in school due to things like a snow day. But even then you would still see various businesses still opened for the most part such as supermarkets. Would you close up your business if you were say a fast food franchise such as a Mcdonalds?

I even saw people running things like hot do g stands still despite the pouring snow the other day. I suppose when you run your own businesses the answer isn’t as clear cut for many. Although certain industries like airline travel where weather can create a complete hazard versus an inconvenience is another story.

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