Checking For Early Sales Before The New Flyer
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Checking For Early Sales Before The New Flyer

While strolling through a store today I saw these 1kg boxes of candy that had quite a few varieties and was listed for about ten dollars. That sounds like a great deal as I normally see these large boxes go for over $18. Could be a good price to stock up on Halloween candy as an example. In looking at other stores it seemed like it was only this place in particular selling it at that price which made me think it was a clearance item. That’s why I thought it was interesting when I looked at the store flyer and apparently there is an upcoming three-day sale where all stores will start selling them at the same price.

It almost seems like one store jumped the gun and decided to release the sale early which is great if you were someone looking to buy the products in question. This isn’t the first time I have seen this happen as many times individual stores have the flexibility to make their own sales which can be dubbed as a manager’s sale as an example. So it doesn’t hurt to check if you see something in the new upcoming flyer that you may be interested in.

I actually find this can happen with grocery stores a lot where it seems like the management decided to put all the sale prices up the day before so that they are ready for the rush the next day. That definitely helps one to avoid the fear of missing out if you were eyeing some grocery items for the week.

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