Checking Different Payment Methods For Discounts
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Checking Different Payment Methods For Discounts

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Today I was reading about people who were buying all these items from an online store and like most places it offered various types of credit card payments. What was kind of surprising in this case was that people were ignoring the discounts that were available if people used specific payment methods. Like in this case, there was a promotion where if people used Paypal they could have gotten a $10 coupon discount on their order as the company currently has a deal with them.

In these cases it’s not like you are signing up for another credit card either as I would say it is more like a certain vendor has a promotion where if you used your Mastercard instead of your Visa you would get things like more airmiles. I often find too that if you go to the payment provider’s websites you can usually find some promotions too on which vendors are currently offering savings if you use their payment solutions while shopping.

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