Check The Whole Store For Sale Items
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Check The Whole Store For Sale Items

This was another one of those times where I was alerted that a decent sale was happening at a store and so I made my way to the closest one. Apparently for this it was the company No Frills where they were selling canned sardines and tuna for less than one dollar. Great deal I thought and I intended to get about ten. When I got to the section though it seemed like all of the regular non flavored cans were sold out which was unfortunate. Instead of settling, I looked around the store to see if there were other deals that may be better since what I originally wanted wasn’t there.

To my surprise, at the end of one aisle there were all these cans of tuna and sardine thrown into one spot and there were so many of the regular cans of sardines there. Sure enough, I grabbed ten and made my way to the checkout as it was exactly what I was looking for. This happens often too and is usually how I find clearance deals where it seems like staff are simply instructed to try and get rid of certain items.

I remember before when I was given the authority to price items for a clearance bin it literally was just the management asking me how much I think people would pay for video game items that they simply want to get rid of it. I gave my opinion and they literally just followed every price I suggested, threw it in a bin and it started to clear pretty quickly while still making the company money. Again, always do a store walkthrough when looking for deals.

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