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Cheaper Initially But More Expensive In The End

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I saw an interesting scenario pan out today as a few weeks a go a person was looking to hire a moving company and asked a bunch of people, including myself, if we knew of any companies. For myself I did a bit of research and narrowed it down to two companies based on customer reviews and whether or not the value was a fair market price. Another person showed some companies that simply advertised in the newspaper with the key selling point being its rates were cheap. Ultimately, the person decided to go with the cheaper rate.

Today was the moving day and was this situation ever a you get what you pay for. The people were late for their appointment as they tried to do more than one move in the day, they couldn’t really speak any English and overall they were incredibly slow. What I thought would have normally taken about three hours to do the took about eight hours. All the person could do was complain about it in the end and I was just thinking she should have been more focused on a company’s public reputation overall as opposed to just the price.

There is a time and a place where when it comes to saving money you would simply base it on who offers the cheapest rate. However, in situations like these you really need to think about the quality of the people/company and how much more efficient they may or may not be compared to others. Otherwise like in this example you could end up paying a lot more.

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