Changing Your Business Ambitions Because of AI

Changing Your Business Ambitions Because of AI

With AI platforms set to disrupt a lot of traditional jobs and businesses this was an interesting. This story indicated that actor an filmmaker Tyler Perry was about to invest $800 million for studio expansions. However, apparently when he started to learn about all the new AI generated video platforms that are coming out this caused him to put a pause on everything as it could be a business disruptor.

For example, imagine investing millions to be able to film certain scenes with real people and objects only to have an AI platform be able to generate a useable piece of footage in a few minutes. That’s the current buzz with things like the upcoming OpenAI Sora platform. I would imagine he is potentially of thinking of ways to train people or establish departments to take advantage of these kinds of tech.

I suppose that is a smart idea for the time being even though the tech is years away from being able to replace manual human generated work. I could see people using it for commercial advertisement clips as an example where there is no need to pay for expensive B-roll footage or location costs of filming a simple scene. But it’s a good example where it’s time to pay attention to see how this effects you and the future of your industry.

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