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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 7

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I don’t know if you could classify this episode as a showmanship of business tactics as it seemed more like a domestic dispute of some sort. Donald trump decided that he wanted to mix the teams up in order to even out the playing field since Empresario was getting clobbered still. Although, I think it was pretty apparent that it was more likely done to create drama for ratings. The new teams were as follows:

Team Hydra:

Lennox Lewis
Piers Morgan
Carol Alt

Team Empresario:

Stephen Baldwin
Tito Ortiz
Trace Adkins
Marilu Henner

The task this time was to run a horse carriage operation and to raise as much money as possible with the team raising the most money would win. The project manager for Hydra was Piers Morgan and for Empresario it was Trace Adkins. For the most part, both teams had the same strategy which was to contact their big list of wealthy friends to donate a large sum of money for the service. The episode pretty much revolved around the chaos that arose as a result of Omarosa and Piers Morgan being on the same team as it was obvious that they despised each other.

Piers had an interesting direction where he decided that the people on his team will be judged by how much money each team member brought in themselves and that a commitment form would be created to re-affirm it. Of course, Omarosa isn’t exactly in the same status as the rest of them and as a result it seemed like she couldn’t get anyone. As a result, she became frustrated it seemed and even misspelled Piers’ name on the form that she created. Omarosa then became hysterical afterwards and Piers decided to fire her within 5 minutes into task.

This created pandemonium afterwards as Omarosa decided she wanted to create anarchy of some sort and to attack Piers in his personal life as a strategy to get him riled up. Pretty dirty tactics I must say. Here are some clips of this:

It makes me wonder too why someone would use tactics like that especially in this scenario where your actions will be publicly archived for scrutiny. I guess you truly can’t hide your character when it comes down to it. It seemed like Empresario was doing better as everyone got along and their carriages were constantly on the move. Before the winner was announced, Piers made a comment that despite the outcome either Omarosa goes or he does.

In the end, Empresario made $29,673 and Hydra raised $35,184 which was unexpected with all the circumstances. Trump also mentioned that Omarosa would be on the other team from now on as well. Donald Trump had a very difficult time deciding on who should be fired as the team did very well and got along with each other with no complaints. As a result, for the first time he decided to fire no one.

If this was based on overall performance and past issues I would of probably chosen Baldwin if you had to choose one person from the team. But wow, this episode sure showed how dirty and disgusting some people can be (It happens). I’ve always found that the best way to counter people who try to take things to a personal level to try and throw you off your game is with good old facts and encouraging self realization to the person in question.

For example, if I was in that situation I would have probably kept asking Omarosa if she thinks her charity would be proud to take money from her if she happens to raise any considering the type of tactics she was using. Kind of reminds of the time where she apparently got some kind of endorsement contract for a commercial and a large amount of people sent in letters saying they will never use the product again if they saw her name/face attached to it.

I’m sure attacking others in that way will give you satisfaction during the heat of the moment, but you have to keep in mind that it will then be out on your shoulder for people to see for a very long time if not forever afterwards.

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  • Yes, it was quite obvious that Omarosa realized she would not raise any money and decided to do everything to hurt Piers … she flat out confessed as much, saying that if she was going to go she would do everything to destroy Piers and she admitted that she was going to go below the belt.

    Why on earth would anyone ever want to work with Omarosa or for God’s sake be in a relationship with her. This is a woman who could care less about right and wrong and out of spite and ego would seek to hurt people against her.

    And she wants to show that on TV?

    Howtobecomeaphotographerblog 2/18/2008 11:59 am

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