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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 6

This episode started off with some soap opera-like drama. Omarosa at first was acting as if she was the epitome of integrity and success in life it seems. She began to attack Piers Morgan for his actions previously and even implied that Lennox Lewis was “just as dirty.” After a few exchange of words, Omarosa arrogantly walks by Piers and pours her drink on his head.

A short while after, Stephen Baldwin mentions that he wants to resign from the show as a result of Piers. Just my opinion, but you don’t need to be an expert to be able to see right through that as it looked like it had more to do about being caught in a lie/contradiction with Piers being a cop out excuse. Ultimately, Baldwin spoke with Trump about wanting to resign and instead Trump mentioned he should just go to Empresario instead which was the end result. Funny thing was Baldwin mention that he had to speak at a Church and as result he wouldn’t be fully involved in the task.

The task this time around was to create a “living window” display that would feature mattresses designed by the renowned designer Vera Wang and teams will be judged by creativity, brand imaging and entertainment value as judged by herself and Bob Sherman who is the president of the company Serta. The project manager for Hydra was Lennox Lewis and for Empresario it was Omarosa.

Empresario’s direction was to focus on a “perfect marriage” theme which was definitely a more conservative route of the happy bride and groom presented in a dazzling heart warming way. Hydra decided to go with a more creative route revolving around the thought of “The world’s greatest romance deserves the world’s greatest mattress” and created a symbolic visual of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony as a couple with a modern day twist. Again, it was Trace Adkins that came up with the idea for Hydra and it is quite amusing to see how he is so quiet yet ends up coming up with all these brilliant ideas.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the events that took place on Team Hydra’s side. Essentially, Lennox Lewis’ management style was that for every decision and direction for the project he would do it in a team voting style as oppose to him making a decision. It was a very disciplined management style I guess you can say. He was getting ridiculed by his teammates for it and the funny thing was everyone, including himself, were just having so much fun with it. I guess the music they had playing in the background made it even more comical.

In the end, Team Hydra ended up winning as their presentation was more creative and was focused in expanding Vera Wang’s brand out of just bridal themes. Lennox Lewis then got $20,000 for his charity the Muhammad Ali Center. Piers Morgan made a comment after and told Omarosa “Well, Bad luck. Bad luck next time huh?”

In the boardroom it came down to Omarosa, Marilu Henner and Nely Galan. It seemed like with those choices Trump was pre-meditated in getting rid of Nely for past incidents. It then got kind of fiery as Nelan Galan called Trump out on that and tried to defend herself such as back in the episode when Gene Simmons was fired on how people respect her enough not to bring her in which should say a lot.

It looked like she had crushed Trump a little bit there as he had no immediate answer. In a normal circumstance, all the things she said were pretty solid though in my view. If you think about it, it is kind of hypocritical in some way to use that past issue against her and yet for some reason a person like Omaraso, who probably has the worst history and lost twice as a project manager so far, seems to be hopping along still. Regardless though, Nely was fired. Just to show how agitated Trump was, he ended up saying “get the hell out of here”.

Should past issues play a big role? From my personal experiences it is generally a yes. This episode had to do a lot about character and integrity. While the show was leaning more towards an entertainment side of things I thought, it is so important in life in general to be able to find people who share that level of honesty and integrity to associate with. Like they say, history is there so we can learn from it.

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