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Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 4

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There were a lot of interesting tidbit lessons you could get out of this episode I thought. The task this time around was to sell Broadway show tickets with the team raising the most money would win. Donald Trump’s special guest this time around was Vince Mcmahon from the WWE. The project manager for Team Hydra was Vincent Pastore and for Team Empresario it was Marilu Henner.

There was an interesting comment from Nely Galan in regards to last week’s episode that got me thinking where she commented on how Gene Simmons must have respected her a lot to put himself on the chopping block. That made me think on how his actions could have been a result of thinking more long term in regards to wanting to develop business relationships with certain people outside of the show as well. That’s actually a very common scenario when I think about it in a work life.

For the most part, both teams had a similar strategy which was to contact wealthy people that they knew beforehand to purchase the Broadway play tickets at a generous amount of money. The two teams initially had to negotiate with each other on which plays they would be able to sell out of the pool of 8 shows. Hydra was more straight forward and wanting to get it over with it seems whereas Empresario to me seems like they were trying too hard.

At the actual ticket selling day it seems like Team Hydra was more willing to go all out such as Piers Morgan dressing up like King Arthur to get attention from the crowd on the streets. While Empresario had gimmicks as well, it didn’t seem to be a very pro-active approach to generate any kind of buzz. In the end, Empresario made $31,747 and Hydra ended up with $33,300 which handed Empresario their third straight loss.

In the boardroom it came down to Carol Alt, Jennie Finch and Marilu Henner. Initially though, there was a clear sign of a lack of team spirit as everyone didn’t seem to be focused on a common goal. The best example was Omarosa who tried to label Carol as a person who flies under the radar and she was quick to fight back. The women did make a comment on how Omarosa was like a cancer to the team yet Marilu mentions that she did not bring her in because she felt that she works good with her. I just thought that was a very strange way of thinking.

The weakest person clearly was Jennie Finch as she admitted herself that she was not used to this type of business environment and sure enough she was the one that got fired. This episode made me dislike Omarosa even more. I personally can’t stand people who are that disloyal.

In my opinion, focusing on dealing with the trouble makers who are constantly in it for themselves will help more in the long run despite if they seem like a good worker. I remember one example in a business where there was a person who seemed like the best worker from a numbers point of view and put on a good show to outsiders. In reality, he kept trying to demean the rest of his team members whenever possible and even resorted to stealing to better himself and overall the business did poorly. Focus on fixing foundations as oppose to instances I guess you can say.

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